Cemetery Surveying Cemetery & GIS Inventory Surveys
Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) has worked with private and public cemetery creation and managment projects. Ensuring that a loved one's final resting place is secured, located, and vacant at their time of need is an important endeavor. Additionally, governing bodies have strict responsibilities concerning cemetery plots, plats, location, drainage, floodplain and other aspects. Global Positioning Surveying (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play an important role in surveying the land and georeferencing accurate information. Additional values are added in geospatial referencing, landmark mapping and geodatabase configurations that assist in the automation process.
Spring Valley ALTA Surveys
Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) prepares a special form of American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) / American Land Title Assocation (ALTA) land transaction surveys. These surveys are specifically designed to lend simplisity in understanding and visualizing impacts to title based upon occupation and land use. We attempt to integrate photogrammetry into our final products. Nothing is more disclosing than applying rectified and ortho-recified imagery into a mapping project. All transaction participants (seller, lender, insurer, buyer, etc.) have a clearer understanding and more broad knowledge-base of the nuances of the subject property.
1001 Ranch

Ranch Sales - Imagery Georeference, Boundary and ALTA
Art has been an integral part of providing key products to promote responsible ranch transactions. Ranch sales require an assessment of assets, improvements, burdens, restrictions, covenants, title, unwritten rights and more. Spatial measurement sciences assist in mapping these items as well as to provide georeferencing for imagery that can depict many intangible characteristics. Once georeferenced, the mapping lines can be seamlessly overlaid on top of an orthorectified aerial photograph. If a picture is worth a thousands words, then perhaps an aerial image of one's land and estate including adjacent land cover are worth magnitudes more.


Water Rights Services
Water Rights play a key role in nearly everything - especially in the Mojave Desert, Great Basin and the arid western U.S. The value of water as a finite resource is extremely crucial. Although we are not alone, growth in sourthern Nevada has prompted water purveyors to develop improved means of being responsible water stewards amongst a flurry of varying demands. The acquisition of water as a function of supply and demand on a finite resource has increased value. Our services include mapping, analysis and research for; hydrologic abstract, report of conveyance, potentiometric study, water level and volume measurement, Change Application for use, manner, place period, and more.

Hoover Dam BOMA Surveys
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) was organized in 1907. Their mission is to enhance the human, intellectual and physical assets of the commercial real estate industry through advocacy, education, research, standards and information. BOMA has been a lead organization producing building mapping standards since 1915 when the Standard Method of Floor Measurement for Office Buildings was released. Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) is prepared to provide services towards many building measurement needs, including lease definition, lease verification, floor layout design assistance, as well as more.
1001 Ranch

Boundary Surveying
The boundary survey is the most critical foundational element in the asset portfolio. Resolving boundary lines and those matters affecting title are crucial towards understanding many factors. In the design arena, a defensible boundary is paramount when designing costly improvements. Placing those improvements on the subject property while ensuring that no expenditures are wasted on adjacent lands is vitally important. In the case of previously built works (e.g. As-Builts), a defensible boundary is the standard of measure to understand potential encumbrance impacts, such as relative locations of easements, encroachments, gaps, gores and overlaps.


Topographic Mapping
There is no substitute for a good map of one's surroundings. Sound mapping requires neat applications of legend and symbology, accurate annotations, sufficiency in research and analysis, and an understanding of planimetrics and digital terrain modeling. No map can attempt to portray quality and proper representation without a superbly performed field survey. Practitioners in the field are in the best position to note physical improvements and features that are critical to understanding and portraying the ground and assets of land upon a map. The synergy of assigning a Field to Finish manager to a project provides that the mapper is also the field surveyor - see all.


Certification Surveys
There are times when it is either required or wise to consider a third party to measure spatial locations of objects. This can be required for either elevation, horizontal position or both. It is equally important to understand the timing best-suited for performing certification surveys. That timing is extremely important before costly concrete pours, prior to rigging, blasting and other expensive expenditures. Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) is experienced in certification surveys whether they be finish floor, form certification, highway gradient and location certifications, as well as others.

NVSV As-Builts & Verifications
Retrofitting requires accuate as-builts of existing conditions. Building with precision while attempting to manage material cost controls requires accurate survey layout. Catching mistakes before they are built is the primary reason to request a verification survey. Artisan Surveying Group's (ASG) performance on verification and as-builts is synonomous with hiring a quality validation specialist to assist in managing building costs and eliminating construction delays. ASG employs the most accurate static GPS techniques with high-precision robotic total stations and digital levels. ASG's experience in plan interpretation is invaluable.
Lease Confirmation, Design & Layout Surveys
The elements of the lease are dynamic and contain may aspects. However, the general goal of a lease is to attribute the financial aspects to a specific area of space. Since leasing fees are based on a cost per square foot basis, ensuring that the space provided conforms to the space designated on the lease is important to both lessor and lessee. Cost therefore drives the need for lease confirmation surveys. However, subsequent benefit to a quality confirmation survey is that the confirmation map and products can be used to make designs by architects and engineers. The design information can then be surveyed in the building to permit construction, as may be required.

Apartment-to-Condominium Conversions
Spatial quality in mapping is extremely imporant. Measurements in any application form the basis and relationship to other features. Accurate measurements applied to the conversion process is important to ensure that mapping and future deed conveyances relate to spatial occupations. Common areas, unit spaces and relationships to general and operation aspects are key towards drafting defensible and accurate land conveyances by map and deed. Condominium mapping requires 3-dimensional spatial awareness in high-rise and other multi-use conditions so that all dimensions are considered and accurate spatial definitions represent reality.

Renewable Energy Construction Projects - SEGS VIII & IX, Harper Lake, CA
ASG's founder was engaged with the last of the U.S. SEGS parabolic trough Solar Energy Generation projects in the late '80's. Mr. Wolf's first construction project in the United States after service with the United States Army Corps of Engineers was in Harper Lake, California (Kramer Junction area) for Luz Construction Management Corporation. The work concerned the layout of construction design facilities. These facilities continue to transform solar renewable energy into 160 MW of peak electric resources to serve customers across the state of California - the realization of a then visionary approach to sustainable and reliable energy that continues to serve California residents today.


Clark County Water Reclamation District Facility - Central Plant South Secondary Facilities - Phase II
Aritisan Surveing Group (ASG) performed field GPS Static measurement services, processing and adjustments to facilitate the creation of an official CCWRD geodetic spatial control map for the entire Flamingo facility. This experience places ASG in a unique position regarding knowledge and command of spatial aspects to assist in any on-site projects. ASG has performed many services to these facilities. This experience also places ASG in a superb position to assist in defining critical aspects of Construction Management & plan layout.

Spring Valley

Nellis Air Force Base - Privatization of Military Housing Project
Nellis Air Force Base's growth has necessitated the need for expanded, improved and renewed housing. In answer to this requirement, ASG worked with military and non-military officials to demolish and rebuild housing for the entire base operations. The project consists of the erection of single and multifamily residences; the development and restructuring of utility and infrastructure locations including land (legal) decription definition and placement of walls, drainage, community features such as pool and amenities; as well as aerterial and residental roadways. Additionally, this project requires negotiation & networking with and within military security and safety restrictions.

CCSD Clark County Parks & Recreation - Las Vegas Wash and Park Improvements
Parks and Recreation are crucial to maintaining harmony within any community and environment. Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) has been involved in many park and recreation area design and construction projects. The most noteworthy of these projects has to be the Las Vegas Wash wetlands project. Services provided stabilization of drainage banks, assistance in the spatial aspects of quality monitoring programs and erosion protection related measurements. This project consists of in excess of 4-miles of restoration of critical natural restorative environment and plant structures which serve to improve water quality and habitat for many species of plants and animals.
Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge - Geometric Layout and Construction Control
Geodetic control is extremely important - especially when your project rests upon a $240 Million budget and spans two states (in this case Arizona & Nevada). Placing improvements of this magnitude on this 1/16th of an inch tolerance project, or on any project requires accurate measurements and sound boundary principals. Placing improvements in the wrong location, on an ajacent neighbor's lands, or in locations where they do not work with the design can be expensive. High Accuracy has no substitute nor is achieving the proficiency to be able to repeatedly perform.
Cadastral Surveying Services
The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) forms the foundation of the land tenure system for the predominance of the United States west of the 13 original colonies. The collaborative Jeffersonian system was established in theory to eliminate gaps and overlaps that virtually plagued England and the British Colonies that adopted a metes and bounds system of land definition. Similar to a Torrens system, the PLSS provides the spatial provenance of title from its sovereign government. But unlike it, the PLSS cadastre contains a system of rectangular framework permitting definition of aliquot smaller tracts which can subsequently be performed beyond governmental surveys/ors.
Spring Valley

4-Band Imagery & LiDAR
This project required precised geodetic positioning for 10,800-acres of remote Nevada alpine and playa imagery and LiDAR acquisition. The project also integrated positioning of spectral scanning for plant identification and classification for near-infrared remote sensing study. LiDAR was chosen as a manner of increasing and augmenting digital elevation model creation for subsequent imagery drape. Elevations on this project spanned from 5,000 to 13,063 feet. Challenges surrounded access among federal, state and private interests as well accounting for and modeling micro-atmospheric condition variations ranging from heavy snows, rain and also arid conditions.


Geodetic Control Project Management
ASG's experience has benefitted many projects. A few representations of that experience include NGS and NALS' Liaison to the National Geodetic Survey for the 1999 High Accuracy Reference Network; the erection of many Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS); gold mine operations control networks; water reclamation system improvement and monitoring control; Water Facility Control Network; Hoover Dam, etc. There is no subsitute for accurate spatial measurements in any application. Static GPS procedures yield millimeter results. No one has complained that a measurement is too accurate. Many wish they had considered higher accuracy after their project unfolds, or once they later determine that the spatial quality of the smallest of their assets does not provide adequate differentiation.


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) - Imagery & Remote Sensing Georeferencing Project
DARPA's functions cover many areas of benefit. However, this project supported georeferencing of satellite imagery and remote sensing datasets for one of the world's premier unmanned vehicle terrain race called the DARPA Grand Challenge. The project required the provision of spatial accuracy across a vast area used for a race event. Universities and groups across the world compete for a $ 1 Million prize to see who can develop a platform that can navigate hostile and unforgiving terrain upon a course in the shortest time. The general area is known beforehand. However, the specific course is not provided to the contestants until 1-hour before the event.


Digital Orthography Image Support
Many communities across the state are busy with the business of developing Geographic Information Systems to assist in asset inventory and resource management, tax assessment and the like. Digital imagery plays an important role in verifying spatial quantities and geometry. Utilizing accurate imagery, algorithms can be developed to secure specific datasets, analyze change detection and more - all on an spatially-conscious platform. Other benefits include critical path analyses, emergency planning and awareness, as well as service and sequence maintenance plans. The benefits to these data and technology continue to emerge on what seems to be a circadian basis. Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) has assisted with many large imagery acquisition projects.

NVSV Global Positioning System (GPS) Reference Station Construction
Art has been in the business of designing and erecting GPS Reference Stations since 1995 when the first station of it's kind was built in NV & Las Vegas. Our experience spans in excess of a decade, bridging a time when GPS vendors didn't have a solution on into today where GPS Reference Stations across the world are sharing information on the Internet. We spanned CDPD, Spread Spectrum, VHF and others arriving at UHF for the real-time data solution. Art has installed a total of eight (8) non-out-of-the-box built and constructed Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS) providing data to a multitude of cross-functional users from science, engineering, construction, remote sensing, GIS to others.
Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play a vital role in managing our resources. Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) makes maps and databases for water, land ownership, improvement feature and attributes, lithology, hydrography, air polution, airport runway and protection zones, zoning regulations, utility, accident site and transportation information, terrain feature, housing development and more. GIS is an invaluable tool for integrating geometric shape files that are spatially accurate at varying levels while merging that information with databases and statistical outlay therein.
Sublimation & SnowPack Studies
Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) works to provide a framework to assist others to better understand the effects of sublimation - the continually changing evaporative effects of the atmosphere upon an area and/or region. The acquisition of snow vehicles coupled with spatial measurement technology provides a unique opportunity to acquire and attempt to understand emperical datasets as they relate to natural recharge cycles. The dataset and tests can also be developed to acquire samples to better understand water quality issues such as acidity and alkalinity as well as to establish remote sensing devices to capture continual evaporative indices that can be correlated as a function of time.
Mining - Surface & Underground, Geodetic Control, Material, Precious Mineral, and, Water Resource
Surveying is a challenge in nearly any environment within the arid Mohave Desert - but underground represents another level of attention to detail. In addition to OSHA, ASG's staff are Mine Safety and Health Act (MSHA) trained and certified in both surface and underground mine safety and surveying operations. ASG has provided surface geodetic control and coordinate reference frames (deploying geograpic latitude and longitude, UTM and State Plane), that have also projected into underground operations for a seemless project operation on a 3D platform. ASG has performed claim staking and mapping, material layout, volummetrics, US Mineral Patented and Unpatented survey retracements, boundary resolution, topographic mapping, imagery, water rights applications as well as dewatering. We are a one-stop shop!
NV GCOP Nevada's Geographic Center of Population & Monument Project
The Nevada Association of Land Surveyors (NALS) took on the task of monumenting the 2000 Nevada Geographic Center of Population as an indicator and memorialization of where our population center was in the year (according to our national census). The project included a great deal of negotiation surrounding where the monument would be placed and how to obtain the rights for the public to therein subsequently view this monument. Through much discussion and ultimate approval, surveyors can now use the spatial position of the monument for their work and access the Beatty High School for GPS occupation. ASG's CEO designed the monument and was the frontman for Las Vegas' Channel 8 Eyewitness News coverage of the event.