Cemetery Surveying

Cemetery Geographic Information Systems Capability Statement
Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) has worked with private and public cemetery creation and managment projects. Ensuring that a loved one's final resting place is secured, located, and vacant at their time of need is an important endeavor. Additionally, governing bodies have strict responsibilities concerning cemetery plots, plats, location, drainage, floodplain and other aspects. Global Positioning Surveying (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play an important role in surveying the land and georeferencing accurate information. Additional values are added in geospatial referencing, landmark mapping and geodatabase configurations that assist in the automation process.


Due Diligence in Ranch, Farm, Mine & Water Rights Purchase
Art has been an integral part of providing key products to promote responsible ranch, farm and mine transactions. these sales require an assessment of assets, improvements, burdens, restrictions, covenants, title, unwritten rights and more. Spatial measurement sciences assist in mapping these items as well as to provide georeferencing for imagery that can depict many intangible characteristics. Once georeferenced, the mapping lines can be seamlessly overlaid on top of an orthorectified aerial photograph. If a picture is worth a thousands words, then perhaps an aerial image of one's land and estate including adjacent land cover are worth magnitudes more.

Renewable Energy Solar Capability Statement
Artisan has been involved in many types of renewable energy projects from photovoltaics, to parabolic trough design and geothermal. Our services ranged from pre-design to construction.

UTILITY CAPABILITY STATEMENT Utility Organization and GIS Creation Capability Statement
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play a vital role in managing our resources. Artisan Surveying Group (ASG) makes maps and databases for water, land ownership, improvement feature and attributes, lithogeology, hydrography, air polution, airport runway and protection zones, zoning regulations, utility, accident site and transportation information, terrain feature, housing development and more. GIS is an invaluable tool for integrating geometric shape files that are spatially accurate at varying levels while merging that information with databases and statistical outlay therein.