CSN College of Southern Nevada - GPS Course Development
In 2000, the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors was busy building a two year Surveying degree program for the College of Southern Nevada (CSN). During that time the core course curriculum was developing and the need for a surveying-grade GPS Course was established. Mr. Wolf developed the course outline and educational presentations for the course and taught the first two-years of the class graduating more than 100-students. The course was handed off to another instructor as Mr. Wolf was becoming more involved with public service on the Executive Team of the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's, National Geodetic Survey - Liaison 1999 HARN
Nevada does not have a bilateral agreement with the NOAA NGS for a State Geodetic Advisor. Currently federal and agreements with adjacent States help to provide limited oversight of national geodetic spatial services in Nevada. A predominance of the assistance resides in projects that are in common with adjacent States - such as the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Project, or in nationally recognized and supported project, such as Height Modernization. Mr. Wolf was appointed NGS Liaison in 1998 during preparations for the 1999 High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) observation. Duties consisted of organizing a vast volunteer force across the 17-counties within the sparsely populated State, conducting training of atmospheric sensing equipment and administrative form completion, as well as equipment exchange assurance. This was the second of three Nevada ground campaigns that were ultimately ceased in favor of Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS) that began providing online geodetic correction information.

Nevada Association of Land Surveyors

Service to the Nevada's Association of Land Surveyors & GBC Baccalaureate Degree Program
Mr. Wolf served the Nevada Association of Land Surveyors for a uninterupted 13-year commitment culminating in service as State President in 2004. His association started in 1991 when friended by William T. Cuddy, PLS, as a request to co-chair the Membership Committee. Mr. Wolf then chaired the Membership Committee, Advance Technology Committee, and, Website Committee where before off-the-shelf blogs and other Web content developed an integrated system of sharing information entitled NOTIFY. Mr. Wolf worked with UNLV's Engineering Department in hopes of establishing a baccaulareate degree program there in helping to bring in Dr's Gibson and Wolf to help establish program intitiatives and rough guidelines. The program was ulimately developed at Great Basin College where it resides today and has been dramatically improved through the advent of Dr. James Ellithorpe.

Las Vegas Valley Water District

Service to the Rate Payers of the Las Vegas Valley Water District & Southern Nevada Water Authority
Mr. Wolf spent a decade with the Las Vegas Valley Water District and the Southern Nevada Water Authority/System as the District Surveyor. Hired in 1995, Mr. Wolf immediately commenced in the development of the Surveying Section which grew from a staff of one to eight over the course of approximately four years. During that time the AM/FM GIS Division was developing a vectorized facility infrastructure coverage. With the financial blessing of Thomas Minwegen, PE, Director of LVVWD Engineering, Mr. Wolf simultaneously commenced to break new professional ground and establish Multifunctional GPS Reference Stations across southern Nevada. These stations served to expand real-time kinematic solutions in an existing and integrated coordinate system saving countless rate payer dollars in terms of efficiency and reduction of risk and theft at a time when no out-of-the-box vendor solutions existed. The ingenuity and perserverence in the face of adversity represents a tremendous effort that has become a fundamental basis of any real-time GPS network and also an individual profit center for vendors who adopted the systematic deployment of technology in this manner. Mr. Wolf also developed a feature code and attribute list for stakeholder asset data collection and developed a training program to network and leverage organizational-wide infrastructure collection that was designed to meet each individual department's needs consisting of 53 employees.

Lincoln County Government

County Surveyor, Lincoln County, Nevada
Mr. Wolf served for approximately a two year period as County Surveyor assuring adherence and conformance to NRS 255 County Surveyor’s Statute, as well as other applicable statute law. Review of mapping, major/minor subdivisions, mapping responsibilities concerning valid mining claim coverage, maintain relations and service to Commissioners in statute advice, professional services and standards. Lincoln County is located adjacent to the north of Las Vegas' Clark County. Pioche is the County Seat, which is a mining community that once held the helm of both land included in what is now Clark and Lincoln County. Lincoln County today includes in excess of 10,600 square miles which is comprised of a series of rural communities engaged primarily in agriculture and ranching operations in the arid valley areas. The valleys are surrounded by a griddled pattern of mountain ranges and wilderness areas spanning elevations from as low as approximatley 3000 feet to in excess of 10,000 feet. The area is home to desert big horn sheep, elk, mule deer and other game. Pioche boasts two local fishing locations known as Eagle and Echo Valley.

US Army Corps of Engineers Service with the Uniformed Army Corps of Engineers
Mr. Wolf served with the United States Army, Uniformed Corps of Engineers commencing at the Defense Mapping Agency, and School in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. His first assignment was in the Southern District stationed at Fort Rucker, AL, with Headquarters, 46th Engineering Battallion (Combat Heavy). Service consisted of equestrian, compass course, civil, and rotary wing facility design and construction. Mr. Wolf was then assigned to Headquarters 7th Engineer Brigade, Ludendorff, FRG, and then re-assigned to VII Corps Headquarters, Moeringen, FRG in Engineering Administration.
NV Geographic Center of Population - US Census Nevada's Geographic Center of Population & Monument Project
The Nevada Association of Land Surveyors (NALS) took on the task of monumenting the 2000 Nevada Geographic Center of Population as an indicator and memorialization of where our population center was in the year (according to our national census). The project included a great deal of negotiation surrounding where the monument would be placed and how to obtain the rights for the public to therein subsequently view this monument. Through much discussion and ultimate approval, surveyors can now use the spatial position of the monument for their work and access the Beatty High School for GPS occupation. Artisan's CEO designed the monument and was the frontman for Las Vegas' Channel 8 Eyewitness News coverage of the event.
WorldWide Walk for those Affected by Typhoon Haiyan
Mr. Wolf's role was minute in comparison to and consideration that this was a worldwide effort. However, two Guinness World Records were broken: 1) Largest Charity Walk (Multiple Venues) at 519,521 participants, and, 2) Largest Charity Walk (Single Venue - Manilla, Phillipines) with 175,000 participants. Artisan's role was to develop a plan to ensure the calibration and certification of the distance course so that the Las Vegas residents walking the course were validated as official participants and thereby qualifying them to be considered part of the 519,521 world record.